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Sino Energy Investment is an international buyer and seller of Petrochemical products. Primarily:

Diesel Fuel Grades
GradeDescriptionMax Sulfur
No. 1-D S15 A special-purpose, light middle distillate fuel for use in diesel engine applications with frequent and widely varying speeds and loads or when abnormally low operating temperatures are encountered. Higher volatility than that provided by No. 2-D fuels. 15 ppm
No. 1-D S500 500 ppm
No. 1-D S5000 5000 ppm
No. 2-D S15 A general-purpose, middle distillate fuel for use in diesel engines, especially in applications with relatively high loads and uniform speeds, or in diesel engines not requiring fuels having higher volatility or other properties specified in Grade No. 1-D fuels. 15 ppm
No. 2-D S500 500 ppm
No. 2-D S5000 5000 ppm
No. 4-D A heavy distillate fuel, or a blend of distillate and residual oil, for low- and medium-speed diesel engines in applications involving predominantly constant speed and load.  

We can offer heavier fuel oils Grade 5 and 6 (residual) as well, these are used primarily for heating purposes.

Sino Energy Investment only deals with direct sellers, we do NOT pay commissions or sign any type of NCNDA or IMFPA.